What's a motorbicycle?
It’s a motorcycle/bicycle all in one! Pedal the bike like normal then release the clutch and you’re cruisin' over 35 mph!
All motorbicycles come ready to ride out of the box with a high quality, reliable, name-brand 80cc engine!  With a
30 day guarantee you can't go wrong

You’ve never had this much fun!
 You will turn heads wherever  
  you ride, we guarantee it!

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We Currently Feature our
  most popular motorized bicycles, the NightRider, the SilverRider, and the Classic.  Check out the product pages to find out more and purchase your own!

 We do not sell kits, we sell completely assembled motorized bicycles

Testimonials say it all!

“I had a 30 minute ride to school every day now it takes me less than ten, now I don’t feel like skipping school everyday”
-Brittany (Corvallis,OR)

    “I have had it with gas
    prices, so now I ride my
    motorbicycle to work and save LOTS of $ every month!”

    -Alex (San Francisco, CA)

“My roommates would rather borrow my motorbicycle to get to class than take their cars!”
    -Brandon (Portland, OR)

“I really liked how they even included a bottle of 2 stroke oil, it doesn’t get any easier than this!”
-Richard (Las Vegas, NV)

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(801) 609-4160
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm CST

Motorized bikes for sale Motorized bikes for sale Motorized bikes for sale

Motorized bikes for sale Motor bicycle Motor bicycle

Motor bicycle Motorized bikes for sale


Motorized bikes for sale
 Preassembled ready to ride 80cc motorized bicycles for sale! HUGE SUMMER SALE! Ready to ride!  Be the envy of your neighborhood!  Take advantage of our low flat rate shipping offer!  Lowest priced motorized bicycles on the internet, guaranteed!  Great customer reviews!  Nightrider sleek black design with lightweight aluminum frame .
Motorized bikes for sale

Motorized bikes for sale
35 Miles per Hour!
150 Miles per Gallon!

Video Clip of the Week:
Hand starting the
This is not the conventional starting method, video demonstrates the sound level and tone of the motor in operation.
Our Motorized Bicycles Come Assembled and Ready to Ride!

motor bicycle Motor bicycle
NEW! The       SilverRidertm on sale now for $899!
Our Lowest Priced!
More than half the people that order kits never finish, get stuck, or end up paying a shop to help them finish.  Most people don't want to spend weeks with a mess in there garage just to find out they don't have the right tools or run out of time.  Think of it this way, would you try to build a motorcycle yourself with no experience?  Or would you buy it straight from Harley Davidson who delivers a product built on years of experience and backed by a warranty.  Each motorized bicycle is tested for quality and performance before we ship it to you with our trusted courier.  We ship out motorized bicycles every day and have many repeat satisfied customers.  That is why customers purchase their motorized bicycles here at Themotorbicycle.com.

Motor bicycle