Is there a warranty?
Yes, there is a 30 day limited warranty for each motorbicycle to ensure you receive a properly working motorized bicycle. See warranty on the Policy page for more information.

Are the motorized bicycles tested?
Yes.  Each motorized bicycle is tested thoroughly then the fuel is drained from the tank and carburetor and the bicycle is cleaned and packaged for shipping.  This ensures that it was running properly and inspected thoroughly before shipping.

What is the return policy for a motor bicycle? does not accept returns due to the high cost of assembly and free shipping policy.  However, our customer service department will work with each customer to ensure they receive a properly functioning motorized bicycle through our 30 day limited warranty.

Do I have to assemble anything?

Very little. Less than 10 minutes.  Your motorized bicycle comes preassembled with the exception of the front wheel, seat, pedals, and handlebars which are the easiest parts of the bike to assemble and need to be adjusted to suit the riders size and comfort anyway.  Everything technical is already assembled.  This is also so the bike can fit in a reasonable sized the shipping box. Instructions on how to install these parts are included in the User Manual.

How many miles to the gallon does the motor bicycle get?

The motor bicycle gets 150 miles to the gallon!  The motorbicycles have a 1 gallon tank so you can expect to get about 150 miles on one tank!  Great for getting around and saving on gas with gas prices skyrocketing.

How long will shipping take?
Generally, motorized bicycles take approximately 3-4 business days to ship out.  Most areas Fedex delivers within 5 business days from that.  So added up, you should receive your product within 8-9 business days.  However, some ship sooner.  You will be updated via email with order status and tracking information. 

What kind of engine does the motor bicycle have?

The motor bicycle has a high quality, reliable, name brand 80cc 2-stroke engine.  See product specifications on product pages.

Why do some sources say it's a 66cc motor and some say it's an 80cc motor?
These motors are imported from China and their specifications are different than US.  The 66cc and the 80cc ARE THE SAME MOTOR. By US standards of measurement it is 66cc.

How will it come shipped?
Our preferred carrier is FEDEX ground or home delivery.  Your motorized bicycle will come in an 24x8x54 inch apx 65 lb shipping box.  It will arrive similar to if you were to purchase a bicycle say off of Amazon or elsewhere online.

How do I start my motorized bicycle?
Simply start peddling the bicycle like normal with the clutch lever located on the left handlebar in, get going at a decent pace and release the clutch, the motor should start right up.  If it's a cold start you may need to adjust the choke lever located on the handlebar stem.  The easiest way to start is downhill.  Continue peddling while the motor is starting and give it some gas with the twist throttle on the right handlebar.  It's easier than it sounds!.

How do I idle?
Just come to a stop with the clutch lever in.

How to I stop?
There is a kill switch button located on the right handlebar under the twist throttle which shuts off the motor.  If you get to slow with the motor running it will stall as well.

How do the brakes work?
All of our motorized bicycles are equipped with coaster style brakes.  These operate by backpeddling slightly to engage the brakes.  This is the only type of braking that works in this configuration.

How often does customer service respond to email?

You can expect a timely response within 24 hours of emailing customer service.  Usually, emails are responded to within an hour, even on the weekends when our 800 number is not answered.

Which forms of payment are accepted?
We are happy to accept VISA, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD, PayPal, an echeck over the phone or a check through mail.

Does the product come with a user manual?
Yes.  If you have further questions, please email customer service we will be happy to talk you through assembly or your first ride.

Thank you for viewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact customer service at (800) 963-5502 or (preferred).

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